Call Them Out: Accountability for Gaming Corporations

In the past few years, a few trends in the gaming industry have come into the light, and few of them signal positive changes. From so-called “crunch” periods forcing employees to work over a hundred hours a week under stressful time constraints, to the avaricious behavior of top publishers with read more

Calling all Dungeons and Dragons nerds

So here's the thing, I have come to the conclusion that D&D once a fortnight isn't enough and as we all know having regular sesions is a real struggle, so I thought that one way to help curb my addiction is to share the weird and wonderful things that happen read more

Mega Man X in 3D Done Right – Opinion

Mega Man X was a wonderful series. It was original, action-packed, and a great sequel to the classic Mega Man. However, Capcom has decided to take the series away from people, claiming there's not a large enough fan base to make any more sequels. If you consider the games from Mega Man read more

Hotline Miami: a e s t h e t i c

Hotline Miami: a e s t h e t i c By Chandler Preston Rice “Look at my face. We’ve met before…” - Richard. The first exposure I had to Hotline Miami was from PlagueOfGripes, a professional complainer on YouTube and Dark Souls enthusiast. Once he mentioned the fast pace, artistically beautiful essence read more

What I Look for in a Great Game

Everyone has their favorite games. They can give you a million reasons why they love their games, but rarely do I hear about what people actually expect from games in general. With so many genres and play styles out there, it’s difficult to figure out what makes an individual game read more

Using Faith as a Game Mechanic

One thing I’ve always noticed about video games – most particularly in the Fantasy genre – is that they often use a plethora of religious imagery and mythology within their worlds. It’s not unexpected. Religion is home to some of greatest pieces of work, provides unique forms of symbolism, and read more

Deconstructed Games – BioShock Infinite

Lately, I’ve wanted to do some writings regarding video games and their themes. Lets get some things cleared up first. Video games, by their very nature, are meant to entertain people, and should be fun to play. However, there are certain games that go beyond the simple entertainment factor. They read more

Deconstructed Games – Spec Ops: The Line

I'm a sucker for things that take well known tropes and/or cliches, and decide to say "hey, maybe this kind of thing isn't as realistic as we think. Let's show people why!" This is called a deconstruction, and it happens more often than people think. Hell, it happens in video read more

A few things which annoy me in Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront has been out for more than a half year – to be exact, since last November. During that time, the game got 2 DLCs (Outer Rim and Bespin), a free DLC, a few free maps and many updates which were supposed to balance the game. While some read more

Going to TI6 (Dota 2 Internationals 2016)

I finally got some Ti6 tickets after talking to some friends that were going as well, I got passes for the entire week so I can go to the finals and the midweek tournament. Luckily I took days off for the international in advance or I would not be able read more