1. The following constitutes gamelust.com’s (hereinafter “Gamelust”) Privacy Policy for the use of the website. The Privacy Policy hereby incorporates any and all provisions included in the Terms of Use, to the extent not modified or altered herein.
  2. By creating an account with the website, you are required to provide a functioning e-mail address, account name, and password. The e-mail address utilized will remain private within the records of Gamelust and not be made public to other users. By posting a review or other content on the site, your e-mail address will remain private.
  3. Gamelust reserves the right to update its requirements for creating an account, including but not limited to, the requirement to provide Gamelust with additional personal identifiable information. Any of such information will remain private within the records of Gamelust. You will be notifed if said requirement is imposed, within twenty (20) days of the imposition of the requirement.
  4. You and any persons accessing the site agree to hold Gamelust harmless for any actions of a third party which may compromise the privacy of any information given to Gamelust, including personal identifying information.
  5. In the event of a data breach or privacy invasion from a third party, Gamelust wil notify you promptly of same and take all actions, reasonably practicable to keep your personal identifying information private.
  6. The username you create for Gamelust is public information that will be prominently displayed on the website, should you create a posting. You are advised to take caution in creating your username, should you wish to remain anonymous.
  7. As indicated in the Terms, Gamelust has the absolute right to use any posting made by the user for any purpose it deems fit. With such use, Gamelust has the right to indicate the username of the individual who created said post. Gamelust also has the right to repurpose a user’s posting and not indicate who in fact created said post. Gamelust will not be liable for any user’s decision to upload or repurpose his or her own posting on another website or media format.
  8. You are put on notice that the Website collects data including, your usage of the website, the internet protocol address (“IP address”) the site is being accessed from, and any other internet traffic data. Any such data is the sole property of Gamelust and may be used for any purposes.
  9. Different internet browsers may permit Gamelust to collect additional data on your usage of the site and you agree that any such data is the property of Gamelust. It should be noted that any and all of your internet traffic data and identifying information will remain private and confidential.
  10. Gamelust hereby notifies all persons that by visting the Website, Cookies may be stored on your computer. Said cookies will be maintained by Gamelust in a private manner. You have the absolute right to remove the cookies from your web brower and computer at any time.
  11. Gamelust may sent newsletters, notices, updates, or other content to users at their registered e-mail addresses. Upon receipt of same, any user has the right to request that same not be sent to the user. The user has the ultimate obligation to request the termination of any electronic correspondence sent to the user from Gamelust. Your e-mail address will not be disclosed to other users who receive said electronic correspondence.
  12. Any e-mail correspondence sent to Gamelust at its address of gamelust@gmail.com will be maintained by Gamelust and becomes the property of same. You are advised to take care in limiting the personal identifying information included in said e-mails. All information included within the e-mail sent to Gamelust will remain private.
  13. As indicated in the Terms, Gamelust may include hyperlinks to other third party websites. Said websites are without Gamelust’s control and ownership. You are advised to review the privacy policies of any such third party websites. Gamelust will not be liable for any alleged claims or incidents suffered by accessing a hyperlink to a third party website while using Gamelust.
  14. From time to time Gamelust may hold contests or other events which will require the submission of detailed personal information including an individual’s name, age, address, and phone number. Said information is only collected for the purpose of said event or contest and will remain private. Should an individual win said contest or event, Gamelust will only identify the individual by username, except that a user may request in writing that he or she be identified by his or her actual name.
  15. No individual is allowed to utilize the user account of another, which said individual’s express permission.
  16. You hereby agree that Gamelust will not be liable for any unintended or mistaken disclosure of private information you provide to Gamelust. Gamelust must be shown to have acted intentionally and with bad faith or malice, for it to be liable for any breach of your privacy.
  17. You are put on notice that by proving information to Gamelust, same becomes legally public information. You are referred to the mandatory arbitration clause of the Terms of Use, which are fully incorporated herein.