Going to TI6 (Dota 2 Internationals 2016)

Jul 21, 16  | posted by shadowchronicle (1011)

I got a general pass for all the days

I finally got some Ti6 tickets after talking to some friends that were going as well, I got passes for the entire week so I can go to the finals and the midweek tournament. Luckily I took days off for the international in advance or I would not be able to go.

International Date

August 8th – 13th

Teams that passed the qualifiers

blog_ti6_teams_resultsThings I’m excited for

  • Goodies from my TI6 badge are connected to my steam page
    • Yes this means I will be getting exclusive items that can only be obtained by going to TI6
  • Possibly meeting a player from a pro team
  • Which team will win the final round


This is being really hopeful but… Hoping┬áNa’Vi wins as they were and still are my favorite team even after Puppey left. I’m gonna take a shot at this but most people think that Team Secret will win because of the high skill cap that most of their players have on the team (although I highly doubt it after having so many people switch out). Without being hopeful I think the teams most likely to reach the final rounds would be Newbee, EG, and Alliance.

The Prize Pool

link: http://dota2.prizetrac.kr/international2016

Currently the prize pool is about $20,000,000 which is crazy when compared to previous Dota International tournaments. The tournament gets its prize pool from people who buy compendiums for TI6 and TI6 merchandise/skins. Now think about that, in a couple of months they can generate that much money off of a free to play game for a tournament in Seattle, is that not crazy?

Dota 2 Short Film Contest

If I remember correctly every TI has a short film contest where Dota 2 players make cinematics using the source engine and submit their creations to be viewed at TI. Here’s a peak at an excellent short made by Jesse Malisa

My intentions are to post a final blog on how TI6 went but I’ll probably be going to Yellowstone right after watching the finals at TI6 so it will be a little while, peace out guys.


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