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    As the madness of Prime Day comes to an end, the anticipation for Konami and Amazon’s retro console that kisses the glory days of 16-bit gaming continues to grow with the announcement of a 50-game catalog and o […]

  • As the final presenters took center stage at Bethesda’s E3 showing, the audience was greeted by a ghostly voice talking over the presence of the Doom Slayer, who is preparing himself for a war across dimensions. W […]

  • Showcased briefly at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year, players were given a glimpse into Bloober Team’s next psychological horror title, Blair Witch. The game is set in 1996 where you will play as Ellis, a for […]

  • It was a most excellent reveal at the Xbox E3 conference as the crowd immediately cheered at the title card of CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the universally acclaimed Witcher III: Wild Hunt and the highly […]

  • Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Jedi adventure has been showcased at this year’s EA Play, a pre-E3 event where the company will be showing off their popular titles with reveals and updates to their current ros […]

  • Several months after the critical release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has released an essential update to its multiplayer component, bringing in many additional features that include daily challenges, […]

  • Once upon a time, within the entertainment industry, came along a trend amongst filmmakers and video game developers where an obligatory tie-in adaptation had to be made. Alongside film releases in theaters, there […]

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