Guide Creators [Video or Written]

As a guide creator, you'd be expected to create guides on games or specific quests / missions. If you have the ability to record, that would be a big plus. Requirements: Strong / good grasp of the English language. Enjoys creating videos or written content. Have Discord (Discord is free to use on mobile, read more


Article Goal: We are always looking for news writers, review writers, opinionated pop culture fans, and game guide creators. You can write whichever type of content you wish, but you should, if possible, try and diversify and write news and reviews. We also are not requiring a specific number of articles read more

Associate Editor, Playstation – IGN US

PlayStation Editor The PlayStation Editor oversees the creation and coordination of PlayStation-ecosystem coverage for IGN. This position works directly with the games and social media teams to produce high-quality written and video content that benefits our readers and our staff. What does that mean exactly? Initiate the conception, workflow, and schedule for read more

Social Media Manager

Looking for someone to manage our Facebook and Twitter pages. Test page for job board.

Looking For Writers

This is a test job for the purpose of creating the job board. At, we aim to build a community where all of the content is created and moderated by you, the gamers. News and reviews written by the people most passionate about the subject, with as little outside influence read more