Hotline Miami: a e s t h e t i c

Hotline Miami: a e s t h e t i c By Chandler Preston Rice “Look at my face. We’ve met before…” - Richard. The first exposure I had to Hotline Miami was from PlagueOfGripes, a professional complainer on YouTube and Dark Souls enthusiast. Once he mentioned the fast pace, artistically beautiful essence read more

Testing the Apple Pippin: Part 2.

Note: You can find part 1 of this story here. The best part about collecting video games is that every collection is unique. Whether you have a small collection around 500 games, close to 4000 like I do, or a huge collection of 10,000 games or more. Every collection has at least one read more

Finally Got Around to Testing My Apple PiPPiN.

  Back in 1995, Apple made an attempt to break into the video game industry by licensing the PiPPiN technology to Bandai, attempting to use the same model employed by the popular 3do company. Due to poor marketing and a ridiculous $599 price tag, only about 5000 of these ever sold, read more