“Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” Ports Are Pretty Horrible

Jul 28, 16  | posted by Craig Taylor (1146)

Might want to postpone that nostalgia trip for a bit.

Last week at SDCC, fans of last generation’s Ultimate Alliance games were treated with a surprise announcement, as Marvel told fans both releases would be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC the following week. As shocking as that news was, eager fans who bought the $60 bundle last Tuesday were probably even more taken aback when they realized that week leading up to its release was likely the only amount of time Activision put into porting the two games.

Players across all platforms are reporting problems. In the PC versions of UA 12, the button-mapping for some controllers is completely fucked and unchangeable. Certain pads simply won’t work properly, including wired Xbox One controllers. There is mouse and keyboard functionality, but there’s no help for you if you’d prefer to play the games as they were originally released on console.

Also, in the PC version of Ultimate Alliance 2, players are experiencing crippling audio issues. This video by Kotaku demonstrates just how busted the music can get.

On console, the situation isn’t much better. Both games still run okay (in fact MUA 1 surprisingly looks like some work was done to it) but I’ve personally run into matchmaking issues. I’ve been unable to send/receive invites to lobbies, and there’s still no way to save an online co-op campaign which you’re not the host of. Granted this feature wasn’t in the original release, but you’d think some much-needed features like these would be added to a port of a 10-year-old game.

Perhaps most frustratingly, Ultimate Alliance 1 is missing the DLC on all platforms, despite the Xbox Live Marketplace description for UA1 falsely claiming that DLC character Hulk is playable in the port. Strangely, the DLC for UA2 is included, and given the additional characters for UA1 were exclusive to the Xbox 360, there may have been licensing issues? Regardless, this new port for the first Ultimate Alliance is certainly not the definitive version of the game, which is pretty damn irritating considering it’s individually priced at $40.

Hopefully the re-release of these games wasn’t some sort of feeler for an Ultimate Alliance 3. You can’t expect people to get excited over such a lazily scrapped-together mess that doesn’t even run as well as the originals. A lot of people love these games, and hopefully the outrage over how these ports were handled will signal a demand for more from the series.

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694 days 12 hours ago

Posted by shadowchronicle

wtf this game must've been made in the 90's and then they put it into a time capsule to be released in 2016

that sound is just goddamn awful

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695 days 16 hours ago

Posted by elheber

Who made the ports? It's usually an outside porting house of some sort that f*** up this bad. If it was, I'd love to know who it was and what other games they'd made/ported in the past.

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695 days 10 hours ago

Posted by Craig Taylor

I'd like to hear anything from Activision honestly. It's pretty shitty that to my knowledge they haven't even acknowledged the issues, let alone said they're going to patch some of the bugs.

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696 days 3 hours ago

Posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx

Someone needs to take Activision to court over these 10 cent ports, the Prototype bundle was just as bad, with zero optimization and riddled with bugs. Both Microsoft and Sony should remove this garbage from their store and force Activision to release a competent product.

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695 days 10 hours ago

Posted by Craig Taylor

I know, the fact that the Hulk is advertised as playable in UA1 is pretty inexcusable and just plain lazy.

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