Guardians of Orion v2.1 Delayed

Sep 2, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2028)

Game changing update delayed until further notice

Guardians of Orion’s anticipated v2.1 update has been delayed, missing its original release window of August. Developer Praz announced the delay in a Steam post yesterday, sharing some more details into the next update for the wave-based dino shooter title. Dubbed ‘GOO PHASE 2’, update v2.1 is set to overhaul Guardians of Orion in what Praz calls their “greatest product to date”.

v2.1 Is, from what we know, a gamechanger for Guardians of Orion. Firstly, the game has moved to a new engine allowing for modern features to be implemented. Optimizations are being made across the board including visual remasters of maps, enemies, characters, and abilities. Harvest will also get an upgrade alongside a new player HUD. The greatest part is that this is the start of many changes for Guardians of Orion.

Praz offered some insight into why the choice was made to delay:

“The remaining aspects are not nearly as complex as what has already been achieved, just more-so time consuming. However we have missed our targeted window and have now entered a segment of the year in which is overly saturated and populated with other amazing games. There are currently many things in motion and others that need to still be determined. There is nothing specific to announce just yet as we evaluate new release window viability between ourselves and intended partners/platform(s).”

In short, the blend of unfinished features and the competition of other games (which is believed to be the reason why Battlefield V was delayed) drove DANKIE to delay the game. The end result will surely be a bigger and better Guardians of Orion. Praz hinted at the potential of a beta somewhere down the road. DANKIE ended the article with a few words on how excited they are to share the update with us:

“We want to get this out to all of you to enjoy and experience. We have been working very hard on this product and are so proud of it. This is by far the best work we’ve done to date and we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on so hard.”

For those of you that don’t know, Guardians of Orion is a sci-fi co-op horde shooter where you and three friends take on waves and waves of dinos. If you’re not into unloading dozens of bullets into a T-Rex, hop into the PVP mode where you can duel your friends across a vast map. Want to duel in space? Go ahead! As you fight your way through enemies, you’ll gain loot which can be equipped to boost your character. A deep crafting system is in place if you want to try your hand at crafting legendary gear. The best part? Guardians of Orion’s entry price is a mere dollar. To get my two cents on the game, check out my review here.

Guardians of Orion is out now on Steam.

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