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It’s really very simple, all you have to do is sign up for an account and you have the ability to post a news article or game review to our community news-list and review-list. If your fellow gamers like your article and upvote it enough, it will automatically join the main news feed on our home page permanently. On gamelust each time an article of yours receives an upvote, points get added to your personal ‘awesome level’. Should your ‘awesome level’ score highly enough, you can earn the ability to automatically post an article to the main news feed on our home page the instant it is created(minimum life time upvotes tbd, overall average must be 90% positive). As an added bonus, you automatically gain 2 points for every news article you post, and 5 points for every review you post to give you a head start on your quest to become a featured content provider.

This is your site, you have the power to create and moderate nearly all of the content you find here(minus the forums and a small number of featured articles).

What is Gamelust?

Gamelust is the product of a couple of gamers who have become fed up with the content that has been provided to us by the mainstream media outlets. A platform that allows any and all of our users the opportunity to be a featured contributor providing news and reviews written with a passion for games, not influenced by advertising money. Our content comes from a love of gaming and cannot be bought!

Our Limited Advertising Guarantee!

At gamelust we hate how most mainstream media outlets gear all of their content to push advertising down our throats. So here at gamelust we promise to keep our advertising as minimal as possible. Most of our advertising will come in the form of a simple link to purchase a game through one of our affiliated retail partners(i.e. A direct link to buy Halo 5 from Best Buy or Gamestop from the Halo 5 review or game page, 3-5 words at most in a small font, no images). We will not place any graphic or video ads on our site unless you decide to opt in to display those ads on your profile, or visit the Support Us VIA Ads page. We will never force you to view these unwanted ads unless you are willing to help us pay our bills by opting in to view 2 to 3 ads per page at most(exception being the ALL ADS page which you can also use to help support our site).

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