Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Mar 28, 19  | reviewed by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is...Beauty

gameplay 95 / story 95 / graphics 95 / sound 95

It’s been a few months since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. This game hit the scene with a welcome cheer of fans all over the gaming world. When it released, many were praising it as the game of the year while others got bored of the realism it offered. Whether you loved or hated it, RDR2 gave fans a new look at how open world games should be created and played.

One of the most immediate aspects that you notice is the absolutely gorgeous graphics. Every inch of this world is molded with a fine artist’s brush to create visuals that pull the player in. The attention to detail is what gives it that realism it is known for. The biggest piece of realism many have been quick to mention are the expanding and shrinking of male horse testicles in hot and cold weather. From the well-placed light rays to the dynamic weather to the footprints in the snow to the beautiful plains to the breathtaking scenes atop mountains, this game melds you into its world seamlessly.

Just as important as the visuals is the sound. Every single action is accounted for when it comes to what you hear in this world. I believe one of the most memorable sounds are the footsteps and spurs when you walk into an establishment in the city or a house in the wild. You really feel like you’re scavenging because the creaks and furniture sounds are on point. The weapon sounds are a blast to hear as you shoot your way out of gunfights.

The greatest part of the game is it’s realism and story. From the start, you can relate to the characters and feel their presence. You always feel like a genuine member of the gang which interacts with you, giving you a full amount of life. Sitting down with them allows you to see little slices of who they are and there lives before the gang. The actions you take on missions influences the things they say and do around you. The story is wild ride filled with “faith” that never truly happens. You follow the gang through a harrowing story to avoid the pinkertons constantly following you while trying to get enough money to move west. The more you do though, the more east the gang ends up going until all choices are slim.

The amount of activities and random events is amazing. There is always something to do in this world, and it always offers an interesting story. I don’t think there is ever a moment that lasts long enough not to be entertaining. They really make sure to give the player enough time between encounters to take in the world, but then keep you entertained with certain events that add to the harshness and beauty of this game.

The attention to detail and almost perfect quality is what makes this game so great. Some people comment that the game is too realistic, but when was the last time that you experienced a game with such love put into it. Sometimes it may not have been love and was just straight work with rumors of employees having to work 100 hour work weeks. To these employees, we salute you! Their hard work created a game that many of us gamers will treasure for all time, because they created true art in an industry filled with rushed, incomplete, heartless titles. This was a game to remembe

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