Condemned: Criminal Origins

A true launch window gem!

overall score 90 / Hell Yes!
Jun 7, 15  | reviewed by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

gameplay 99 / story 85 / graphics 90 / sound 99

Chances are likely that you didn’t pick up this stellar title when you got your Xbox 360, shame on you. An unfortunate problem in modern gaming is that escalating costs seem to prevent games that might be a “risky” buy from being as successful as they should. Condemned sadly falls in that category, if you like action thriller movies with a twist, this is your game. You play a cop, framed for murder by a serial killer you’ve been pursuing. Now you must pursue the serial killer, while fending off drugged up crazy people, and proving your own innocence at the same time. Sound neat? It is!

Graphically this game is superb, some facial textures seem to be a lil bland but overall i can live with it on a launch title. Levels are beautiful, enemies sneak through the shadows appearing only enough to freak you out, and when they get up close and personal, you don’t have time to notice any defects as you frantically mash the controller to get away safely. You can even rip pipes off the wall, 2×4’s, locker doors, and virtually anything that could be used as a weapon, and its seamless. Lighting is also well done, you will barely see some of the enemies running away from you.

Another important and totally mastered part of this game is the sound, the whole overall feel of the game is set through the sounds. Walk into a room and you’ll hear the sound of someone scurrying away, knocking objects over, or even hear them running away on the floor above you. You will turn around and panic in the first level alone afraid the enemy is behind you ready to strike.

Final Word: Condemned is the kind of game that restores my faith in Sega as a publisher & company. I rate it as a must own title for anyone who has an Xbox 360 & soon a PC. It has plenty of action, great graphics, great sound, clean physics, and a thrilling story/feel all around. If you haven’t already, go to the store, buy this one now, and for those with a weak stomach..grab yourself a diaper, this ones a must own.

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