Zombie Butcher Fest HELLGATE: London Returning to Steam

Oct 25, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)

After a turbulent on-off decade of botched attempts at gaining traction on Steam, HELLGATE: London is re-releasing onto the digital storefront with fresh content. The game failed to make an impression first time round but is having another crack at it with its new publisher, HanbitSoft Inc and developer T3 Entertainment who bought the rights to the game back in 2008 – shortly after original devs Flagship Studios closed their doors.

The 2007 action RPG revolved around a demon-infested London with the occasional safe house. With six classes to choose from, descend into the randomly generated British capital alone or with others, providing you’re willing to pay the subscription fee of $9.95 a month or a one time payment of $149.99 a year. Unfortunately, Hellgate didn’t last long and ceased to exist in 2009 after Bandai Namco closed down the servers. Until recently, you could only get the game in Korea where it’s been shipped as an MMO but now, Hellgate is here of the whole world to enjoy:

Hellgate’s return to Steam will see you taking on monsters in a singleplayer setting (despite the trailer showcasing two characters) with the latest version included – dubbed Hellgate: Tokyo. The graphics have seem to been given an overhaul too, contrast to the low-poly 2007 look Hellgate wore.

HELLGATE: London is out on November 15th on Steam

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