xCloud has a Beefy Library Ahead of Android Launch

Sep 15, 20  | posted by Alex (2382)

Microsoft’s xCloud is coming to Android phones and tablets.

The service will allow Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play over 150 titles on their Android devices via streaming, allowing for a console experience while on the go (providing you have an internet connection).

Previously xCloud was available through the Xbox Insider Program with only a handful of games to choose from. The preview was for iOS users too, but the launch is shunning the App Store due to Apple’s policies regarding reviewing games.

Games available on the service consist of the Xbox Game Pass libary, meaning games will come and go just like they do on Game Pass. It’s unclear whether Microsoft will consider adding games not available on Game Pass.

You can depend on Xbox Games Studios titles sticking around however, as Microsoft has added a number of high profile studios to their umbrella in recent years, including the likes of Rare, Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine Productions. It’s safe to say future Xbox Game Studios titles will be available on the service.

In order to get started with xCloud you’ll need an device running Android 6 or greater, along with Bluetooth version 4 or more. When streaming the games, you’ll need 5Ghz WiFi or 10Mbps download on mobile data. Finally, for playing, you’ll need an Xbox controller or a compatible Bluetooth controller.

Will you be using xCloud? Let us know in the comments.

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