Xbox @ID Shows Off a Ton of Great Indie Games.

Aug 4, 15  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

During the Xbox conference at Gamescom today Chris Charla of ID@Xbox took the stage to show us some of the highly anticipated indie games coming to Xbox one over the next 12 months. Over 150 titles in all. The showcase started off with a bang, bringing out Koji Igarashi of Castlevania fame to talk about his recently kickstarted Bloodstained, and show off a brand new demon hunter who dual wields a pair of swords. Bloodstained will support cross-platform play between the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Next came the announcement that PC simulation games Cities: Skyline and Train Simulator would be headed to the Xbox One. After that we were treated to a trio of games being brought to you by Team 17, the creators of the Worms franchise. First up was Yooka Laylee being developed by Playtonic, a group of former Rareware employees who worked on the original Banjo games on the Nintendo 64. And following that was the newest Worms game, W.M.D., which features buildings and vehicles for the first time. The last of the Team 17 games is called Sheltered, and seems to be very much like Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter simulator. The display ended with a couple of big time indie games, with Ron Gilbert’s newest Point & Click adventure game Thimbleweek Park, followed by ARK: Survival Evolved, a dinosaur hunting FPS that looks like it could have been a AAA title. The final title Chris brought to the stage might be one of the most fantastically creepy games I have seen in a long time, We Happy Few.

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