Gamelust QuickieJun 9, 19  | posted by Alex (2360)

Xbox Announces Acquisition of Double Fine

Last E3 Xbox announced some new additions to their roster of game studios. While this year the show focused more on game reveals, Phil Spencer took to the stage to announce they had purchased Double Fine.

For the uninitiated, Double Fine are a veteran studio, the minds behind Broken Age, Brutal Legend and the Psychonauts series. Headed by Tim Schafer, the studio was founded in 2000 after Schafer’s departure from LucasArts.

As part of the acquisition, Starbreeze will no longer be publishing Psychonauts 2. Instead, Xbox will be seeing the game to its 2019 release date. Speaking of the game, a new trailer was dropped showcasing the first gameplay footage, revolving around a mindheist inside the brain of Dr. Loboto.

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