WTF Did I Just Play

Feb 17, 16  | posted by Killer1022 (1091)

Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage reminds me of college.

Back when I went to college, there was nothing I enjoyed more than fucking around during class playing web browser games. I was a boss at delivering packages and farm animals with my pick-up truck. So just a few minutes ago I was on Facebook and in the right rail news feed was this gem of a game. I had to check it out and boy am I glad I did. This game is brilliant, simple, stupid, fun. You basically press two keys as fast as possible to catch up to an oscar with obstacles in the way. There are also in-between segments that are pretty hilarious. Also it’s quite hard as I couldn’t get past round 4, fuck you Lady Gaga…fuck you.

I’d definitely check this game out, even if you play it for 5 mins, its pure fun!

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