Valorant set for June Release

May 22, 20  | posted by Alex (2382)

fps coming very shortly

Riot Games’s first foray into the FPS genre is being slated for a release next month.

The game is called Valorant, and has been enjoying a closed beta for 2 months now in which millions of players have taken part in. The game was announced for a summer 2020 release and as part of Geoff Keighly’s Summer Game Fest, Valorant’s executive Producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler announced that the game would be releasing in just a couple of weeks, on June 2nd.

The pair spoke briefly about the beta, and teased viewers by saying “unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to release in a few months, because we’re launching in a few weeks!”.

For those who are unaware of Valorant, it is a first person shooter that focuses on 6v6 competitve gameplay, similar to that of Counter-Strike with all sorts of weird and wonderful abilities thrown in.

Valorant has only been available for PC and in order for you to play it, you need to connect your Riot Games account to Twitch and watch Valorant streams, which features a random drop system that hands out keys every couple of hours. It should be worth noting the game has been picked up by a handful of renowned streamers, such as Pokimane and Anomaly.

All this will be changing when, on June 2nd, you’ll be able to download the game for free on PC. Information on the game coming to consoles has not yet been revealed.

Along with an official release comes a new map, a new agent and a new game mode.

Valorant will be out June 2nd on PC.

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