Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Test News Roundup.

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All of the information relating to The Division in one article.

Today marks the day when Xbox One owners who have pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s The Division can begin pre-loading the beta client ahead of the start of this Thursdays closed beta test. Ubisoft has also provided several bits of new information in relation to the beta test and the alpha test this past December. The Division Beta Test servers are scheduled to go live at 4a.m. Eastern time on Thursday, January 28th for Xbox One owners, and 7a.m. Friday January 29th for Playstation 4 & PC owners.

In a pair of posts to the Closed Beta section of the Ubisoft Forums, members of the staff have revealed some details on bug fixes, improvements, and known issues with The Division so far. Starting with the bug fixes, Ubisoft claims ‘more than 10,000 bugs have been fixed, including many of the most reported bugs during the Alpha.’ Some of these bug fixes would include:

  • Missing sound with specific weapons and mods combinations
  • Repeating audio when opening the Mega Map
  • Mission objectives not completing correctly
  • Floating characters and weapons
  • Character loading stuck at 95%
  • Broken textures

Ubisoft has also made changes to key areas such as the games interface, gameplay, general performance, and the PVP Dark Zone area based on user feedback from the Alpha test.


  • Added support for multiple in-game languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
  • Weapon and Item Mods can now be changed directly from the inventory screen
  • [Xbox One and PS4] Changed weapon swap button mapping to the following. [Tap] Primary/Secondary weapon and [Double Tap] Switch to Sidearm
  • UI improvements for better readability and usability

Dark Zone

  • Added another Dark Zone gate to the Beta Map area
  • Changed Dark Zone brackets level range. Depending on your level, you will now be matched with level 4-7 players and enemies, or level 8 players and enemies
  • Landmarks have been added to the Dark Zone Map area. With these landmarks you will find more challenging encounters rewarding you with better loot


  • Additional balancing of weapons, enemy NPCs, and character progression


  • Loading of textures and models should no longer suffer delays on console.
Lastly, Ubisoft has provided a list of known issues with the game. If you run into any of these bugs you can rest easy, Ubisoft is already aware of the issue and will hopefully have them fixed by the games launch March 8th. You can find a list of these known issues below:

All Systems

  • Capture Cards – Players using Windows 10 will experience corrupted video signal output when using an external video capture card/device. Models affected: Atomos Assassin, Elgato Gaming HD60, Atomos Shogun and potentially more
  • Textures – World textures may render very slowly after a player respawns.
  • Gameplay – Saving Private O’Brian: The second wave of enemies does not always attack the player if he eliminated the first wave too fast. Exiting the mission area and re-entering it will reset the mission.
  • Interface – GPS: The GPS in the World Map may send the player to dead ends or through areas outside the Beta map area.
  • Performance – Proximity Voice Chat: Players may experience problems when communicating with Proximity Voice Chat in the Dark Zone such as poor audio quality or temporary interruptions. Proximity chat is currently limited to 8 players at a time.
  • Bug/Glitch – Falling through map: Players will fall through the map when joining another user that is watching the Intro Cinematic. The player will be teleported back to his checkpoint once exiting the playable map volume.
  • Bug/Glitch – Ubisoft Club: Ubisoft Club Beta Action may not unlock when the user created a Uplay account in the same play session. Relogging should fix this issue

PC Only

  • Performance – VSync: Players using VSync will experience significant FPS drops. [Workaround] Don’t use VSync.
  • Performance – Windowed/Borderless modes: FPS mays drop below 20 when the game is played in windowed or borderless mode. Use fullscreen to maximize FPS.
  • Performance – Nvidia Graphics: Players may experience graphical corruptions and visual artifacts when using Nvidia Graphics Cards.
  • Gameplay – Population: In instances where the Dark Zone is overly crowded in a small area, players may experience performance issues such as delayed damage or animation glitches.
  • Gameplay – Unable to shoot: Players may be unable to shoot or switch weapons after exiting Chelsea Pier. Restarting the game should fix the issue.
  • Character Selection – Players may experience graphical corruption around their character model in the character selection screen on resolutions higher than 1080p.
  • Interface – Languages: After installing the game in any other language than English, the game will still launch in English the first time. Select your language in the language selection screen on first launch of the game.
Consoles Only
  • Gameplay – Premium Subscription: Players may become stuck in Dark Zone checkpoints if their premium console subscription expires while the player is inside the checkpoint.
  • Vibration Option – Controller vibration option switches ON each time the player respawns.

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