The Robot Revolution Has Arrived!

Oct 27, 15  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

French developer Quantic Dream, who has been wowing gamers with their fantastic stories and choice driven games since the turn of the century, unveiled their newest game during Sonys press conference at the Paris Games Week show. Based on the wildly popular “Kara” demonstration video used to show off the power of the Playstation 3 years ago, the emotionally independent android Kara is back in her own story set in the futuristic and industrial city of Detroit. While details about the game are sparse, the one bit of information we can easily discern from the video is the effect Kara will have on the other androids in Detroit. The androids appear as mere tools, with several shots of them being used as a police force, as well as moving heavy objects for construction, and being sold in stores. As the video comes to a close, other androids can be seen taking notice that Kara, who like them is an android, appears to be completely free to do as she wants.

Although almost all of the games shown off today during the show were scheduled to come out in 2016, I imagine that Detroit was an exception and most likely releasing in early 2017. Assuming this to be correct, 2017 is looking to be an incredible year for gamers with the Final Fantasy Remake and Shenmue III due out that year as well. Between games like this and Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Playstation 4 looks to be finally begin delivering on the ‘greatness’ they have promised since its launch in 2013.

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