Super Mario Maker 2 Announced

Feb 15, 19  | posted by Alex Quayle (2200)

Mario is back for his latest adventure

The latest in the DIY Mario course franchise has been revealed.

Super Mario Maker 2 has been announced and is set to arrive on Switch this year, Nintendo announced in the latest episode of Nintendo Direct on Tuesday. The game improves on Super Mario Maker, which was originally on the Wii U and 3DS. Mario’s latest spin off outing promises even more items to toy around with.

The sequel also sees the introduction of slopes which could create some interesting courses, forcing players to use the terrain to overcome enemies or to collect that obscurely placed coin that may or may not have been a design mistake. As well as slopes, the game looks to have some game-changing new features. Despite only being given a mere 95 seconds of gameplay, eagle eyed fans have pointed out that the game includes a number of new themes, enemies and blocks. the banner art also teases the introduction of vehicles, which suggests Mario could be getting behind the wheel.

Perhaps the most vital change is multiplayer which is evident through the inclusion of Luigi on the promotional art. What’s more a button at the bottom during the trailer hints at the ability to add friends to the world.

While nothing is concrete and more is yet to be announced, Super Mario Maker 2 is already shaping up to look like a worthy successor to 2015’s build your own level Mario game which came to 3DS in late 2016.

Super Mario Maker 2 is out on Nintendo Switch sometime in June 2019

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