Streets of Rogue Dev Matt Dabrowski Showcases 2018 Goals in Youtube Video

Jan 8, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

Matt Dabrowski lays out the road ahead

Streets of Rogue has seen active development throughout since its launch in February last year. Everything from new characters to game-changing mechanics to functioning multiplayer. On Saturday Matt Dabrowski uploaded a video to the official tinyBuild channel titled “Streets of Rogue: Matt’s 2018 Plan:

Some pretty exciting stuff but what does it all mean? Here’s a rundown:

Streets of Rogue 1.0

Matt plans to bring the game out of early access this year. This means the game will be playable from beginning to end with a final encounter. This also means the much anticipated big quest will be available.


Uptown Levels

Right now you can play through 13 levels. Every three have a different theme. For example, the first three are the slums. The next three are the industrial district. After that the park then the downtown and finally the last theme will be uptown. Level one of uptown is already playable but Matt hopes to finish level two and three before the end of the year. He has confirmed that development on them have already started so we can expect that update soon.



Matt feels like there isn’t enough variety in buildings, missions, traits, disasters, items, NPC behaviours, mutators and the levels in general. He wants to either add more of them or tweak them to be unique. This is brilliant news to me as I am a frequent Streets of Rogue player.


Playable Characters

23 characters exist in Streets of Rogue at the time of writing but there are 40 slots for slots (and eight for the player to create for themselves ). Dabrowski has said he will definitely add more by the time Streets of Rogue is ready for 1.0.


Home Base Extras

The home base is used by players for things like purchasing items and traits or finding out about the lore surrounding the game but this year may see extensions to the base.


Console Ports

Something that I’m sure a lot of people will be excited about, console. It has been confirmed that this is possible to do. Personally, I would enjoy a mobile port.


Steam Workshop

The Steam workshop has served as a great place for creators to share their ideas and ‘improvements’ to a game. Skyrim was the game that made modding popular and ever since people can’t stop creating new things for games. Players have been crying out for a workshop for a while now in Streets of Rogue and their prayers have finally been answered however Matt has said it will ‘most likely happen post-1.0.


General Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

Something that was the main focus in 2018, bug fixes and balance changes is a low priority on Matt’s list, however, this does not mean he will stop.


It should be noted that these are just goals, not actual accomplishments.


In short Streets of Rogue is in for quite a year and I can’t wait. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start writing an early access review if you want to see what this crazy game is all about. Until then you could pick up Streets of Rogue which is currently enjoying a 50% discount on Steam.


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