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Rumor: Okami HD Being Remastered For PS4/X1, Out This Year.

Normally we do not report on rumors, but if you were around gamelust back in February, you’d know we’re pretty big fans of Laura Kate Dale. When it came to Switch rumors, no one else had dug up more dirt on unannounced Switch games. Almost all of her rumors ended up being spot on or incredibly close. So when LKD posts a new rumor, we tend to get slightly interested.

These days LKD appears to be working for Kotaku UK and today she posted a report that a couple of retailers from two different European chains posted a listing for Okami HD on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming December 12th this year. Retail listings can certainly be highly inaccurate, but two different retailers in different countries posting the same items and dates seems rather solid to us.

Are you excited at the prospect of playing Okami on the Xbox for the first time? Any PlayStation owners plan on buying the game again? Let us know in the comments.

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