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Feb 5, 19  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2283)

An ongoing review of Apex Legends with daily updates as we play the game.

Warning:This is a recurring article, we will be frequently updating this article with new information. Bookmark this page to stay up to date and check back soon.

We do a special kind of review on gamelust called a ‘rolling review’ where we play the game and share our opinions on a daily basis as we progress through the game. This gives you an in-depth look at whether or not we are enjoying the game, as well as a dynamic score throughout the experience from beginning to [hopefully] end, updated daily.


Long story short, Apex Legends was announced yesterday, revealed today, and released minutes later. If any game deserved a rolling review, it would be this one. I played for about 5 hours tonight managing to get all the way up to level 8 before calling it quits for the night. You can watch my struggles with the game on Mixer.

When I first heard about this new game I had the same reaction as most. Really? Another battle royale game? But I watched a few trailers, then a stream on Mixer, and I knew I had to give this one a try. There are quite a few unique gameplay mechanics that make this game a little bit more than your run of the mill Fortnite clone(which is itself a PUBG ripoff). To start with you have 8 different characters(six to start and two unlockable) each with different special abilities. Kind of like classes in an RPG, you have a healer, tank, tracker, and several other classes that can change the outcome of a battle with the press of a button. The other mechanic that stood out compared to other battle royale games, you can respawn teammates. Now, it’s not as simple as a slow revive like you may have become accustomed to in various online shooters. Here you have to recover your teammates player card and then deliver it to the nearest unused respawn station, which leaves you uncovered for 8 seconds, and you must survive until they’re spawned in.

Everything else in this game is basically a 60 player Last Squad Standing with 20 teams of 3 players each. The game is built on the same engine as Titanfall and uses much of the same assets so things like running and shooting feel great. Though wall running and the Titans have been removed from this game, you can still climb over objects and even use open doors to climb up to the roof of a building.

The game also features a rather healthy selection of customizable options for each character that can be earned through playing the game and earning Apex Packs, or by purchasing digital currency from the store. All of these items are cosmetic and do not give any player advantage to those who pay for these items and/or packs. Some of the items you can earn include customizable banners, banner frames, character and weapon skins, intro and kill animations/quotes and random types of currency to craft/unlock these items or other characters. Getting to the next level in order to obtain your next Apex Pack became rather addicting all by itself.

The gameplay is nearly flawless but that doesn’t mean this game is perfect. Early on kills were hard to come by so the fact this game does not track knock-downs appeared to be a glaring mistake in my eyes. I was also surprised to find out that each character’s kill count is tracked separately. So if you don’t get first pick and someone else takes your favorite character(s) you may be forced to look like a noob in the intro screen with zero kills even though you’re a level 15. I also was forced to leave a match early when my teammates refused to recover my card so I could not respawn. Though I had a kill and lasted nearly 10 minutes into the match, I was awarded zero points in every category except kills. It was as if I forfeited my earnings because my asshole teammates ran away and left me for dead.

Final Word:

I think so far this game is pretty fun and I’m eager to play it with some friends in the near future. I played most of the night solo with randos which really held the game back. If I could play this with my crew I think I’d enjoy it even more. I’m reluctant to give this too high of a score so I’m going to start with an 80 out of 100 and see if the game improves. I think it has a chance to gain a good 5 points or more as I get more experience with it. Currently, I am eager to get some more time with the game tomorrow and maybe see if I can get a friend or two to join me.

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