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PUBG celebrates one year anniversary

PUBG is celebrating one year of being by giving all players a weapon skin for the Scar L if you log on until the 1st May.

This marks the introduction of weapon skins in PUBG which are now added via the new Triumph Crate (which needs a key to unlock) and the raider crate. The devs have shared their reflection on the game through a Steam post:

“A lot of things have happened in the world of PUBG in the last year. On the 23rd of March, 2017, we launched on Steam Early Access and so many of you have joined us in the best Battle Royale experience out there. Throughout our journey, we went from a pre-alpha build that only a few select players knew about to one of the most popular games in videogame history.”

PUBG’s rival Fortnite continues to grow in popularity but despite this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still holds a steady player base of 2 million on Steam alone.


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