PUBG adds flare guns for a limited time

Mar 30, 18  | posted by Alex (2343)

Latest event mode adds a special gun

After what Bluehole calls a “successful” testing for the new event mode in PUBG last week a new weapon to the system.

Starting from today players can compete in 4 player squads looking for flare guns scattered across the Mexican desert of Miramar. When shot directly into the air the flare gun will spawn a plane giving the following:

  • Two care package weapons (100% chance)
  • Level 3 armor (100% chance)
  • Normal care package supplies

Bluehole also notes that this new weapon can only be found in small, single story, shed-like structures:

BP is still earned when in event mode although rank is unaffected. If you have any other questions check out the FAQ put up on the forums here. The event goes liveĀ Mar 29 7PM PDT / Mar 30 4AM CEST / Mar 30 11AM KST and endsĀ Apr 1 7PM PDT / Apr 2 4AM CEST / Apr 2 11AM KST.

pretty nifty, eh? First 8 player squads and now a gun that brings loot to you? I can’t wait to see what they bring next, let me know some suggestions for future event modes in the comments.

PUBG is out now on PC and Xbox One with a mobile version on iOS and Android.

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