Pokémon Go’s Success

Jul 19, 16  | posted by shadowchronicle (1011)

T-Mobile giving customers unlimited data for pokemon go.

The popularity of Pokémon Go has inspired T-Mobile to offer free unlimited data for T-Mobile customers using the Tuesday Gift app on their phones. Knowing what we know about Pokémon Go and its’ 2o+ million users this could be a great idea. However, according to U get, the data consumption created by Pokémon Go is extremely low and users can infer from U get’s statistics that the T-Mobile unlimited data for Pokémon Go might not be needed at all.

T-Mobile Tuesday Gift package offers:

  • $15 dollars in Lyft Rides to get to other places with Pokémon
  • 50% off phone accessories to assist you with your Pokémon adventure
  • Free Wendy’s frosty
  • Unlimited Data for Pokémon Go until August 2017

The gift app offers unlimited data gift for Pokémon Go till August 9th 2016.

In Japan First Baking Co & Mcdonalds received an 18-23% boost in shares just from their Pokémon branded products. Not even just their shares, Nintendo itself has surpassed Sony’s entire corporation value with Pokémon Go.


With that all being said is this game just a fad or will Pokémon Go keep continue with its strong start?



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