“Overwatch” Announces New Hero, Healer-Sniper Ana

Jul 12, 16  | posted by Craig Taylor (1146)

Healing just got a whole lot more exciting

Blizzard officially unveiled the first new character to Overwatch this afternoon. Ana is a support hero whose biotic sniper rifle both heals allies and harms enemies.

You can see her in action in this trailer below:

Also, you can learn about Ana’s backstory here:

Ana’s primary weapon is her biotic rifle, which heals friendlies and deals ongoing damage to enemies. Her first ability is a sleep dart that renders opposing characters unconscious for a period of time until they wake up or are damaged again. Her secondary ability is her biotic grenade, which like her rifle will heal friendlies and do damage to enemies in its AOE; also, allies affected by the grenade will have increased healing from any source for a period of time, while enemies will be temporarily unable to be healed.

Her ultimate is called Nano Boost, and it gives an ally a temporary increase in speed and damage, while also decreasing all damage taken by enemies. So basically, she’s a tank’s wet dream.

No release date was given for when Ana will be added, but her, along with every other new hero and map will be given to players free-of-charge. And, you can look forward to the fact that once Ana is released, there will actually be an over-abundance of healers in Overwatch for once.

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