OPINION: Fortnite isn’t a Threat to PUBG, Here’s Why

Mar 9, 18  | posted by Alex (2343)

Fortnite won't be facing PUBG anytime soon

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been a roaring success; Fortnite has been a roaring success but Fortnite has been more of a success. Why? Maybe it’s the cartoony graphics, or maybe the crazy atmosphere surrounding it or maybe it’s the cheap price tag of absolutely free so it’s no surprise players are suspecting PUBG’s death but should Bluehole be worried? No, here’s why.

To put it simply, Fortnite is a trend that everyone is going to obsess over for (most likely) the rest of year. Of course, I can’t say this with absolute certainty although when it gets to the point where friends who have never touched a controller are buying a console just to play the battle royale game that’s when you know shit has got crazy and I mean fashion models are even playing it! You been on Facebook recently? It’s basically an advertisement for Fortnite with memes about the game everywhere.

PUBG, on the other hand, has been keeping a steady 1-2 million concurrent players every day and if it continues to all the way through Fortnite’s fame then it will have nothing to worry about although Bluehole will have to start focusing on developing content to keep people coming back repeatedly.

Just like fidget spinners, dabbing, Slither.io and many more, Fortnite and its player base will dwindle and join void of dead trends. On the flipside, it could go on to become an everlasting success that exceeds all expectations and takes over the world.

There’s also a side to Fortnite the average players don’t know about is the save the world mode which is a defense mode where you fight against zombies. This mode was originally the core gameplay but it ultimately failed and as a last resort the battle royale mode was introduced. Epic Games have confirmed that the save the world mode will be free to play later this year and who knows how the community will react to (what will be for them) the update. The success of Fortnite is unrivaled but fame can be lost easily and PUBG seems to be fighting against that ideology while Fortnite doesn’t take it into account.

Despite the jokes and worries, PUBG has nothing to worry about, especially with the release of the handheld version of the game releasing soon although Fortnite announced they too will be joining the foray into the mobile market. Who knows what will happen? Time will tell.

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