No Man’s Sky’s Latest Update Lies Beneath the Ocean

Oct 29, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

Under the sea...

No Man’s Sky’s – the 2016 spacefaring survival sim – latest update is out and it focuses on what lies in the depth below.

Hello Games announced the update earlier today via a trailer which showcased update 1.7 – dubbed the ‘Abyss Update’. It focuses on overhauling the deep blue while adding a new vehicle – the┬áNautilon, a submarine which can be used to traverse the now thickly populated ocean which now holds diverse biomes and more creatures, some of which are bigger than starships. Not all fish will be friendly though – Poisonous jellyfish, feisty clams and something called ‘the Abyssal Horror’ are ready to put a bee in your bonnet. It’s safe to assume that anyone insane enough to hunt these creatures will find some form of valuable treasure.

Also included in the update is two new storyline to follow; learn the fate of a freighter crew whose ship was captured by the tides or track down a lost soul who was also captured by the tides.

To ramp up the time spent exploring underwater, new ruins and crashed freighters have been added where lost cargo awaits. Hunting these crates down will be sure to lead you to ancient treasures. Crashed starships may also be amongst the fishes which can be repaired and added to your collection. Found a massive area rich with loot but not enough cargo space? Well, now you can expand your underwater base with more than a dozen new building parts (including a eye catching aquarium). Not interested in setting up shop under the sea? A new vehicle shop has been opened in the space station where you can purchase blueprints and modules to upgrade your exocrafts.

The Abyss is No Man’s Sky biggest update since NEXT which, as you may know, revived the game and (for the most part) saved Hello Games’s career. The update added expanded base building, multiplayer, third person, better procedural generation, ringed planets, character customization, procedural dungeons, freighter missions, procedural tech, a lively space station and much much more. The game was also brought to Xbox One, ushering in thousands of new fans to the space survival sim. It’s safe to say that for the most part, No Man’s Sky is back and will continue to be played as long as Hello Games keeps pumping out content.

No Man’s Sky is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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