No Man’s Sky NEXT Launches – Becomes Bestselling Game on Steam

Jul 25, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

New Feature helps game climb steam's charts

No Man’s Sky NEXT, the highly anticipated franchise to the space sim has hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC; people are loving it, not only returning players but also newcomers as the steam chart suggests:

No Man’s Sky made waves on Twitch too, at its peak reaching nearly 118,000 viewers and 5000 on Mixer. Reviews on the Xbox store are glowing with praise for Hello Games, thanking them for introducing the game to Xbox but some were missing their pre-order content. HG pushed out a patch shortly after PC’s release to fix the issue of being stuck on the loading shaders screen before entering the game.

NEXT is No Man’s Sky fourth largest update with the last one (Atlas Rises) released 10 months ago. NEXT introduces fully-fledged multiplayer into the game, allowing players to explore the galaxy with others. It also adds a whole host of new features to the game including dungeons, finer graphics, multiple bases, improved generation, third-person, variated building generation and the ability to own numerous freighters (now known as frigates) to conduct missions across the universe.

No Man’s Sky is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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