Nintendo Switch Finally Unveiled, Powered by Custom Tegra

Oct 20, 16  | posted by elheber (1180)

I hope you like accessories!

Nintendo finally unveiled their latest home console, called the Nintendo Switch, and it’s also a portable.

But you knew that already.

Alongside Nintendo’s trailer and press release, Nvidia also posted on their own blog a few details of what’s inside the Switch. Interestingly, it seems Nvidia was more involved than simply producing the chipsets.

I hope you're not the type to constantly lose your TV remote.

I hope you’re not the type to constantly lose your TV remote.

The Nintendo Switch will run a custom Tegra chip, along with customized APIs and a proprietary operating system. “We’ve optimized the full suite of hardware and software for gaming and mobile use cases. This includes custom operating system integration with the GPU to increase both performance and efficiency.” However, neither Nintendo or Nvidia have revealed any specs.

Considering Nvidia’s own Shield, they may have been the perfect hardware partner for Nintendo to tap for their next hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch itself is made up of various parts. The main unit is a portable tablet to which you can insert game cartridges. There are a pair of controller handles, called “Joy-Cons,” that can attach to either side of it. Each Joy-Con can itself be used as a miniature individual controller with one analog stick and four face buttons. Yes… this means the company that invented the D-Pad has abandoned it for this console.

I'll just call this thing "The Toaster," thank you very much.

I’ll just call this thing “The Toaster,” thank you very much.

There’s also a set-top “Switch Dock” to which you can insert the portable tablet. Through it, the console can connect to your TV. Rumors and patent applications have suggested connecting to the dock can increase the rendering power of the console, but there hasn’t been any confirmation. Moreover, we still don’t know if the Switch tablet itself has a touchscreen or just a regular screen.

Other accessories include extra controllers, a handle adapter for the Joy-Cons, and some sort of screen holder for attaching the screen to the back of a car seat. Go figure. Plus, this is Nintendo so there’s bound to be tons more accessories in the future.

All in all, I’m optimistic. I don’t like the name, but at least it’s not as bad as “Wii U.”

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