Nintendo NX Coming March 2017, No E3 Plans, Zelda NX Announced

Apr 27, 16  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

New information on the Nintendo NX released through annual earnings report and on Twitter.

Nintendo fans woke up to find a couple of surprise announcements on Nintendo of America’s Twitter page today. Nintendo has confirmed that their newest gaming hardware, codenamed NX, will be released worldwide in March next year. The reason for the surprise announcement on Twitter probably lies in the 2016 financial earnings report released by Nintendo late last night. While the image below has been confirmed as a really good forgery, it does give us an idea of what Nintendo might be up to since it was created using previously leaked NX controller blue prints. How Nintendo plans to unveil their new system is still a bit of a mystery. We do know is that Nintendo does not plan to show off the system during E3 this year, choosing to focus their attention on the latest game in the Legend of Zelda franchise.


The March 2017 release date is not the only bit of information relating to the new console. In the earnings report Nintendo restates it’s intention to “maximizing the population that interacts with Nintendo IP” by releasing their products on smart gaming devices. “We will aim to create a synergetic effect between the smart device business and Nintendo’s dedicated game system business to maximize the Nintendo businesses overall by growing our smart device business so that it is profitable on its own while continuously strengthening our connection with our consumers by enhancing features of our new membership service called My Nintendo.” The first of these Nintendo IPs being Miitomo, which they have just announced has accumulated over 10 million users already.

Speaking of the new Zelda Wii U, Nintendo has also confirmed that the game has been delayed until at least March 2017, and will be released simultaneously on both the Nintendo WiiU and the new Nintendo NX platform. Zelda WiiU will be the only playable game Nintendo is bringing to E3 this year, while they promise both Zelda NX and the NX console will be shown off sometime after E3, probably through one of their popular Nintendo Direct video streams. No other details have been shared at this time.



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