Next GTA Online Update Announced.

Aug 24, 17  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2378)

Oh Rockstar, you tease!

Rockstar has announced the next update to Grand Theft Auto Online and it’s a throwback to one of their old games, albeit in name only. Smuggler’s Run will be the next update and it is out soon, like next week soon.

“Smuggler’s Run opens up the air corridors above Los Santos and Blaine County, providing new business opportunities while introducing a range of planes, choppers and even ultralights as highly viable options for transporting criminal cargo across the state – simultaneously opening up some creative new methods of dispatching any rival gangs along the way.”

As you can see from the trailer below, this time Smuggler’s Run takes to the air to deliver the ‘contraband’. The expansion will add a “massive range of new, customizable aircraft” and new “expansive” aircraft hangers to store your new airplanes.

Rockstar also dropped a few details on other updates coming to GTA Online in the near future. Stunt Racing seems to be getting an update that will provide “intricate circuits that demand master across air, sea, and land vehicles.” The new races will feature ‘strategically placed’ checkpoints that automatically change your vehicle to match the upcoming terrain.

Finally, Rockstar announced that there will be new four wheeled vehicles, new Adversary Modes and holiday celebrations for Halloween and during the December Holidays.

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