New Battlefront Maps and Offline Mode Announced at Star Wars Celebration

Jul 18, 16  | posted by Craig Taylor (1146)

More DLC!

A load of news about future content for Battlefront was announced this weekend at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

First, EA dropped a trailer for the game’s third DLC, “Death Star”.

The two new heroes were revealed to be Chewbacca and the bounty hunter Bossk. No other details were given, although one could speculate that there will also be a new Death Star map for Fighter Squadron, given the final shot of the trench run in the trailer. The “Death Star” DLC pack will release in September.

Battlefront‘s mysterious fourth and final DLC of the season was also announced. Titled, Rouge One: Scarif, this add-on will tie-in with the new movie hitting theaters this December. Rebel and Imperial forces will fight on the beach-fronts of Scarif shown off in the Rouge One trailer. The rebels can call on the support of the movie’s protagonist Jyn Erso, while the Empire will be backed by Director Krennic. Scarif should drop sometime around the movie’s release.

For those still waiting on more single player options for Battlefront, EA announced Skirmish mode, which will allow Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron to be played offline with AI. Skirmish can be experienced alone or with a buddy via local co-op on console. Skirmish will launch on July 21.

After shipping over 14 million units riding the coattails of the Force Awakens hype, it looks like Battlefront will use this tie-in DLC to close out its life cycle the way it began.

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