Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One

Nov 10, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

xbox finally getting keyboard and mouse support

Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One will be receiving mouse and keyboard support with 14 supported titles to boot.

The announcement was made at X018 earlier today (where countless other Xbox-related goodness was unveiled). Larry Hryb and Jeff Rubenstein announced that 14 titles will be adding support for the mouse and keyboard next week on November 14th. The games are as follows:

  • Bomber Crew
  • Warface
  • Children of Morta
  • Minion Masters
  • DayZ
  • Warframe
  • Strange Brigade
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Warhammer Vermintide 2
  • Moonlighter
  • Wargroove
  • Vigor
  • War Thunder
  • X-Morph Defense
  • Fortnite

Some promising games on this list with more expected to come. All games already exist but some – such as Bomber Crew and Minion Masters – are best played with a keyboard and mouse. While it hasn’t been clarified for other titles, Fortnite players who choose K&M will only be matched with other players who use the keyboard and mouse.

Major Nelson confirmed that any standard USB keyboard and mouse will do the job but Xbox have been cooking up exclusive Xbox mouse and keyboards via PC peripheral master Razer; CEO and Co-Founder Min-Liang Tan revealed that details are coming for this special set of Xbox gear at CES 2019.

Certain games (including X-Morph: Defense and Warhammer Vermintide 2) will also have support for Xbox dynamic lighting feature, allowing for RGB effects which aid players via health notifications (e.g. flashing red when their health is low).


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