Microsoft HoloLens Dev Kits Arriving Q1 2016.

Oct 6, 15  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

Microsoft has shown off a new game demonstration for their HoloLens technology, along with its gaudy price point. If there is one that thing is clear, it is that companies today are putting an emphasis on wearable tech. From wrist watches that monitor your vital signs and track how many steps you have had per day, to a wealth of augmented & virtual reality devices, our technology will no longer be tethered to the wall. Microsofts most ambitious addition to the field of wearable technology would have to be their HoloLens augmented reality headset, a device that has the ability to place digital content inside the real world seamlessly.

While the technology is still in its infancy, Microsoft did show off a new video game demo called Project X-Ray. Although the game was fairly generic, alien robots punching through the wall and shooting very slow moving fireballs at you, we could see a few new details about the device. Unsurprisingly, you will need a relatively open area in order to safely experience this type of game, even though your vision is not fully blocked, nearby furniture can still pose a threat when your attention is on shooting the annoying little robots flying around the room. Interestingly, not much emphasis was placed on the controller that was used during the demonstration. At the start of the demonstration a hologram appeared around the hand holding the controller, which could be used as either a gun or shield.

To end the demonstration, Microsoft announced that applications to develop for HoloLens are now being accepted. Developer kits will begin shipping out in the first quarter of 2016, at a price of $3000. While this is by no means the retail cost for the general public, it does indicate that the HoloLens is an extremely expensive piece of technology, and will most likely cost as much or more as a high end computer, definitely NOT in the same price range as any of the current VR devices coming out next year.

While the technology is incredible, the high price point may deter many from picking up this device in the future. What are your thoughts? Will you be picking one up when they come out? Let us know in the comments below.

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