Kojima Continues To Tease Us With The Dream Of A Return To PT

Feb 16, 16  | posted by xsuicidesn0wmanx (2392)

After a month of teasing, mainstream media seems to have finally connected the dots.

In what’s quickly becoming the worst kept secret in the video game industry, Hideo Kojima posted another picture to his twitter feed once again leaving the rest of us to speculate about the future of PT. To begin, let’s take a look back to January 19th, when Kojima began leaving not so subtle hints about what has been keeping him up late at night. A simple post stating that he could not sleep along with an image of a few seemingly random items.


Among those items however, was a cell phone sporting a Kojima Productions logo on its case, and a Guillermo Del Toro sketchbook. Kojima posted a near identical photo to this one the very next day, though both photos somehow got overlooked due to the announcement that Kojima would be joining Mark Cerny on a 10 day tour seeking out new tech, presumably for Kojima’s first game as an independent developer.

It would appear that Kojima still cannot sleep at night as he posted his latest photo, a picture of him and fellow PTer Norman Reedus, late last night with the caption “Reunion with Norman Reedus. Giving update about my own company.” Coincidentally, Kojima is also set to meet up with Guillermo Del Toro tomorrow when the pair will collaborate on the keynote address at the 2016 D.I.C.E. Summit. While this is still not a confirmation that the trio are going to be getting back together, it is somewhat interesting that all 3 major contributors to PT are meeting up, albeit separately, in such close proximity to each other. With all three men in Las Vegas at the same time, and with all three having publicly stated how upset they were at the cancellation of their Silent Hills project last year, chances are high that all three may meet up to discuss another collaboration to complete the PT project they were so invested in.

Again, there is no actual confirmation that the trio will reunite to make PT a reality, but it sure is fun to speculate whether or not these little tweets of Kojimas are hinting at his future plans, or just reminiscing at what could have been. We will keep you updated should any more PT related information surface. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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