Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Latest DLC is all about Love

Oct 16, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)

Capon gets his own DLC

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – one of this years most anticipated titles received its third DLC today, titled ‘The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Capon’ and, if you speak 17th century English, will realize that it’s all about love.

Centred around the lovestruck Sir Capon, players can expect to be gambling, grave digging and infiltrating a camp full of brigands all in the name of being a good wingman. The DLC (which costs $9.99) is out now on PSN, Steam and the Microsoft Store. Sir Capon’s quest to find love has already garnered a positive reception on Steam with players praising the focus on one of the game’s more interesting characters.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched in February by the freshly baked Warhorse Studios (comprising of former devs from 2K, Codemasters and Bohemia Interactive. The game centers around a boy named Henry who vows to seek revenge for the death of his family who were slaughtered in a vicious raid. With majestic landscapes and enough mead to shake a stick at, embark on an adventure across Bohemia, a fictional land based on the European heartland.

The game built a steady hype train ever since the first trailer, shown off in 2014 which showcased the picturesque graphics. People were hooked. Needless to say, the game launched to generally favourable reviews all around and even won the Gamescom award for “best PC game”.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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