“It’s Not Over Yet!” – Dedicated Fans Build Level Editor for MGSV: The Phantom Pain

May 14, 19  | posted by General Saladin (1005)

R&D team at "Modder's Heaven" is building an amazing level editor for the Fox Engine!

Four years have passed since the release of Kojima productions’ most ambitious game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. After the Konami debacle and the disbanding of Kojima productions, hope for an update was slim.

During the four long years after the game’s release, dedicated fans have taken their time to understand how the game, and by extension, how the FOX engine worked. It is a cutting edge engine designed for cinematic lighting and cross-platforming in which Hideo himself wanted for it to be the “best engine in the world!”.

Level Editor Unity interface

Many fans dedicated themselves to dig deep and understands what makes everything tick. As a result, multiple amazing mods and programs are made to enhance game-play. Probably one of the most anticipated things to come out of the modding community is the Unity-based level editor: FOXKIT.  This editor makes use of FMDL studio; which is a Fox Engine model importer and exporter for Unity that has been a useful tool in MGSV modeling. The program also contains a route builder which can help give AI custom paths and movement.

FOXKIT 1.0 will be finished when all issues are resolved. For now, all we have is an early build of the level editor that many experienced users are testing out including myself. Updates will be expected later this year or next year.

With FOXKIT we could rebuild Eli’s kingdom of the flies, establish Outer Heaven, or even return to Camp Omega. With this level editor, we could finish what the good people at Kojima productions started and rebuild Afghanistan and the Angola-Zaire border region to its maximum potential.

Current Mods built with FOXKIT:

Small ruins made using Level editor by "Ventos"

Important Links:

GitHub Page: FoxKit

Modding Reddit: r/moddergearsolid

Modding Wikia: Metal Gear Modding Wikia

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