IGN Acquires GameTrailers Assets and YouTube Channel

May 17, 16  | posted by Craig Taylor (1146)

Video game media juggernaut IGN has purchased what remains of the now-defunct GameTrailers website and YouTube channel. IGN plans on preserving all of the original content that the website produced in its 14-year history, and is looking to host exclusive trailers for upcoming games on the GameTrailers YouTube channel in the future.

After GameTrailers was shut down in February, it was unclear whether the website’s owner Defy Media would remove all of videos, or convert the heavily-subscribed YouTube channel into something else entirely. But now, IGN is archiving all of the shows the site has produced, while potentially using the GameTrailers YouTube channel to feature exclusive game trailers, something that previous site owners Viacom and Defy Media were unable to do.

In a post on the Easy Allies Patreon page, founder and former editor-in-chief of GameTrailers Brandon Jones explains the difficulty of bringing exclusive trailers into a third-party site, and how IGN might be able to leap the hurdle.

“It was always tricky even getting those for the main channel, as a lot of publishers and developers now prefer to drive traffic directly to their YouTube link, instead of one from another, unaffiliated channel,” Jones said. “But, they’re IGN, and I think they’ll have a lot more influence, experience, and creativity to do things with the brand that we never could, or never even thought of.”

As for if IGN will be using the brand to post original content at the moment, in a tweet Jones quoted IGN as saying, “We are not using the GameTrailers brand/logo for anything at this moment. Frankly, that’s what Easy Allies is up to.”

GameTrailers fans can finally breathe easy, knowing that their favorite shows won’t be biting the digital dust anytime soon.

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