Humble’s August Bundle Packs Three Major Titles

Jul 6, 18  | posted by Alex (2382)

This month's line-up is a doozy

Firstly, I apologize for not including the game’s in the title but the prolonged names could make the title qualify for an unabridged article. But here we go, these are the three early unlocks for August’s Humble Bundle Monthly package.

To commence we have The Escapists 2; also commonly known as dig your way out of a broken prison simulator 2. The game released last year to positive reception from gamers and press alike who praised its expanded mechanics and introduction of multiplayer to the series. In short, The Escapists 2 is the bigger and better sequel to the first escape ’em up title and has become much more than removing a ventilation cover with a file.

Next up is A Hat in Time, a game all about following the journey of a girl through a varicoloured and endearing land encountering indelible characters all packaged in a 3d platformer inspired by the likes of Super Mario 64. It’s an amazing game and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam backs that up. In short, it’s an absolute steal for only $12.

The third and final title is Conan Exiles and yes it’s the same Conan from the 80s film series but instead of pursuing necromancers you’ll be slaying vicious beasts and erecting cities all in an expansive open world populated by other Conaneers. Alternatively, you can venture into the world alone or with a select group of friends; either way, you’re guaranteed to be enslaving criminals to endure the wheel of pain.

All this could be yours for $12 if you subscribe to the bundle. The games will be distributed in the form of Steam keys but that’s not all! More games will be revealed at the end of July. If you’re interested in purchasing the bundle why not help out Gamelust in the process by using this affiliate link? It’s a win-win situation for both of us as you get your bundle for no extra cost and we can bring you more of that sweet, sweet journalism :)

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