Humble Launches Conquer COVID-19 Bundle

Apr 1, 20  | posted by Alex (2382)

great content for a great cause

Good news Steam users, comic fans and anyone wishing to master a new skill, Humble have launched an impressive bundle for an even impressive price.

The bundle is called the ‘Conquer COVID-19 Bundle’ and does exactly that; for just the price of $30, (with the option to donate more) you’ll gain access to games, books, comics and software worth a staggering $1,017. 100% of the proceeds go to help fighting the Coronavirus outbreak by paying for key supplies, such as ventilators, protective equipment for healthcare workers and other items/services that will help save as many lives as possible. Interested? We don’t blame you, so we’ve listed all the games below with their respective Steam pages so you can see what donating your money will get you video game-wise.

You can see the full bundle here. You have until April 7th to purchase the bundle if you wish to do so.

Pay $30 to recieve:

It should also be worth noting that if you buy this bundle and have not yet used Humble Choice, you will have access to the service for one month which gives you 9 games every month from a pool of games selected by Humble, access to the Humble Trove and 20% off anything you buy in the Humble Store.


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