Humble Launches Cities: Skylines Bundle

May 30, 20  | posted by Alex (2382)

build your own city

Humble Bundle has launched a bundle that contains Cities Skylines and (some of) its DLC.

For $18, you’ll have access to the following (divided into three tiers):

Pay $1 or More

Pay Above the Average

Cities: Skylines – Concerts

Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall

Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters

Pay $18 or More

Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit

Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

Cities: Skylines – Industries

Cities: Skylines – Campus

Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: Art Deco

Cities: Skylines – Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia

The bundle has sold over 100,000 copies, with a portion of the proceeds going to two charities: charity: water and 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK.

charity: water is a charity that is focused on making clean drinking water available to everyone through donations. The charity has been a long standing partner with Humble Bundle. If you wish to know more about the charity, you can do so here.

1 Dog at Time Rescue UK are a British charity who are running a campaign to save the dogs in Romania that are considered strays. The organisation aim to help our furry friends that haven’t been neutered and are left to starve on the streets. If you want to know more about their work, you can do so here.

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