Humble Indie Bundle Includes Overgrowth, Tangledeep

Mar 5, 19  | posted by Alex Quayle (2200)

latest bundle features indie lineup

Indie titles have shot to fame in recent years, proving that cutting edge equipment and a mammoth team isn’t the only way to create a video game. To celebrate these gems, Humble Bundle have been running a series of bundles over the course of their existence and today, the Humble Indie Bundle 20 which features a selection of indie titles that have gained fame through Steam. Without furtherado, here’s what’s on offer:

Pay what you want


Pay more than the average


Pay $10 or more


A portion of the proceeds will go to charity:water, a charity dedicated to providing fresh water to the 663 million who currently lack access to clean and safe water. If you wish, you can choose an alternative charity from the catalogue of charities that Humble are partnered with.

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