Humble Caffeine Bundle Features Tyranny, Headlander

Jan 23, 19  | posted by Alex Quayle (2173)

Humble Bundle have published their latest bundle – and it contains all sorts of goodies in the name of Caffeine.

No, not that wakemeup drug that we all know and love. Caffeine, a streaming service that’s looking to rival Twitch and Mixer by offering a slick interface and a way for viewers to interact with streamers by placing the chat directly underneath the stream.

To promote the service, Caffeine teamed up with Humble to create the Humble Caffeine Bundle – a pay what you want collection of all sorts of neat games for less than $12. Below is the full lineup:

Pay what you want

Pay more than the average

Pay $12 or more

A portion of the proceeds will go to Take This, a mental health charity that provides support for combating mental health issues through the medium of video games. The charity aims to give developers and gamers the aid to help them beat mental health issues and eliminate the stigma surrounding the topic. If you wish, you can also choose your own charity.

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