For Honor: Age of Wolves

Jan 30, 18  | posted by JDAWG4LIF3 (1261)

Season Five Ladies and Gentleman

It’s here, so let’s get into it. The landscape will start to change with these new updates. First of all, let’s talk about servers. The Ubisoft team will begin to roll out dedicated servers to the players. They will be getting rid of resyncing, session migrations, and NAT Requirements. This will provide a better connection for players on all platforms. Something that sounds interesting is the Apprentice and Warrior Trials. This will help with basic and advanced techniques to kills some mofos with style. After that, we will also have an all-new Arena mode to practice against specific heroes and movesets.  Some of those higher heroes are damn hard to kill, so this is a nice treat for some of us.

We will also be seeing a boost in XP in exchange for salvage, 4v4 Ranked play from Dominion to Tribute, level cap raise, and a new gear progression. These will be some sweet new updates. I’m looking forward to figuring out how to take on the more badass characters. It’s gonna be damn satisfying! They will begin making updates to the Nobushi, Berserker, Highlander and more for more balanced gameplay. This includes more gear along with more combat animations and moves.

They really wanted to focus on the core gameplay. They know a lot of gamers have had problems with matchmaking and servers crashing. The servers will be a lot more stable which will make the combat extremely smooth. No more getting your ass killed because of damn crashes. I always hate that shit! There will be no new heroes this season, because of the updates to buff up the lower performing heroes for balance. Based on the heroes we recently received, this is okay. I need to get back on For Honor so I can get that Centurion class.  Get back in there and earn your glory! Check out the video below for more information on Season Five:



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