Hitman 2 Introduces New Ghost Mode

Oct 15, 18  | posted by GameRaiding (1235)

Multiplayer for those with a competitive side

Many of us have been quite excited about joining Agent 47 in a whole new adventure. Meaning murdering a lot of new people, in brand new places in a whole lot of new ways. However, it never occurred to me to join 47 and a friend. And yet that is exactly what is Hitman 2 is offering.

This new form of multiplayer is called Ghost Mode and it allows you and a friend to compete against each other. Not in a Mechanic sense where each hitman is tasked with killing the other though. Instead, both players are to kill the same people in their own world and the first to acquire 5 points is the winner.

You gather these points by simply assassinating your target. The catch is that it has to be done cleanly. Meaning you won’t get the point if the body is immediately discovered or if you are seen doing the dark deed. Killing non-targets will also result in the loss of points.
The reason it is called Ghost Mode is that you can actually see the other 47 moving around and see what they are wearing. This way you have an idea how far ahead or behind you are and react accordingly. But don’t worry. If your double wants to go loud and you prefer a stealthy approach, they can’t ruin it for you. Your world is entirely your own. Except when it isn’t.

There are two ways to affect your foe, one far more directly than the other. The direct way is throwing what is called a Ghost Coin. It’s just like in the single player of Hitman when you throw a coin to catch the attention of an NPC. But this coin crosses dimensions and goes from your world to the world of your friend, drawing someone over to their position.

The more indirect way of affecting each other involves Ghost Crates. These will be dropped around the level and are shared between the two of you. Inside these crates lie weapons and disguises so once you take something, the other player cannot. But be warned, you will only be able to take one item per crate, so choose wisely. These will be particularly handy because at the beginning of each match you won’t have any weapons. Both players will start on completely even footing.

This actually even sounds good to someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy multiplayer. So if you ever find yourself facing me in a match, you will probably win because I will be completely out of my element. And you won’t have to wait long for that moment as Hitman 2 is set to release on November 13th on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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