Hello Games Showcase Latest Game ‘The Last Campfire’

Dec 7, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)

First they brought us Joe Danger, then came No Man’s Sky. Now, Hello Games are bringing us their latest atmospheric story-centric adventure The Last Campfire.

Announced last night at The Game Awards, The Last Campfire is an adventure across (what looks to be) a vivid world. Hello Games have enlisted the help of Chris Symonds and Steven Burgess, two developers behind 2008’s LostWinds. Sean Murray – Hello Games’s Company Director and self-proclaimed “Susan Boyle of video games” took to Twitter shortly after the reveal to speak about The Last Campfire:

“The Last Campfire is a Hello Games Short. Like Pixar shorts it’s a way to foster creativity and new voices in the studio.”

Hello Games have been hard at work on No Man’s Sky recently after the game redeemed itself thanks to the NEXT update. Since then, HG have been pushing out content updates for the game and have vowed to continue doing so into the future. From the sounds of it, we’re going to be getting more Hello Games Short’s. It’s also worth noting that the Guildford studio announced their procedural project kickstarter last year at GDC.

The Last Campfire launches sometime in 2019 on PC and other unannounced platforms.

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