Hell On Earth, DOOM Eternal Arrives This November

Jun 11, 19  | posted by C. Anthony Rivera (1025)

The Doom Slayer's hellacious odyssey continues as BE3 closes with DOOM's sequel release date.

As the final presenters took center stage at Bethesda’s E3 showing, the audience was greeted by a ghostly voice talking over the presence of the Doom Slayer, who is preparing himself for a war across dimensions. With a mixture of gameplay footage and the intense hardcore music mixing in with the massive bloodshed, the player grabs the battle by the groin and smashes it by dashing, slicing, shooting, and crushing demons with an assortment of new weapons and combos to accompany his trustworthy fists of iron.

The multiplayer component, under the name BATTLEMODE, will feature a new playground where it pits two demon-controlled players against a highly advanced demon-killing soldier. It takes similar cues to those modes in Left 4 Dead and Evolve where players can play as a creature to fight against their human rivals.

Along with a Collector’s Edition that comes packaged with a wearable DOOM helmet, the two presenters from id Software revealed the release date for the sequel to 2016’s successful reboot: November 22nd, 2019. Check out the official E3 story trailer below:

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