Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: 5 Games with Explosions

Nov 5, 18  | posted by Alex Quayle (2128)


Tonight is Bonfire night in the UK. Each year, the Brits pay tribute to a botched attempt on King James I by burning 1600s terrorist Guy Fawkes on a bonfire and launching fireworks into the night sky. Yeah, don’t ask.

To celebrate this peculiar holiday, I’ve compiled 5 games that successfully did what Guy Fawkes couldn’t; cause a shit ton of explosions. For this list i’ll be ranking five games (in descending order) that have an abundance of explosions. Without further ado, here is thy list.


5. Red Baron

Platforms: PC, DOS, Amiga

Price: $9.99

WW1 dogfight simulator Red Baron was arguably one of the best games of the 90s. Using realistic (for its time) 3d graphics and somewhat beautiful explosions, Red Baron made a mark in gaming industry. While the explosions were nothing spectacular, watching your enemies crash and burn is enough to give it a spot on this list.


4. Fallout: New Vegas

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Price: $9.99

As well as being the best game in the Fallout franchise, Fallout: New Vegas had some pretty neat explosions. The Fat Man was able to deliver some portable nuclear pain to your unsuspecting foes and the results were awesome; dead bodies and a mini mushroom cloud.


3. World of Tanks

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Android

Price: Free

World of Tanks is hands down one of the best free to play titles out there right now. What’s not to like about duking it out with a selection of more than 200 tanks from the World War 2 era? Obviously, this game is bound to have explosions and god damn it has some pretty ones. Who knew tank engines could be so reactive to high explosive shells?


2. Just Cause 3

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $29.99

No list mentioning games with explosions is complete without mentioning the king of explosions – Just Cause. I’ll be honest, I had some difficulty trying to decide whether to include Just Cause 2 or 3 on this list but in terms of explosionability, Just Cause 3 takes the cake.


1. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – The Gunpowder Plot

Platforms: PC

Price: N/A

Back in 2011 BBC Wales partnered with Sumo Digital (Crackdown 3) to make a Doctor Who adventure game centered around the gunpowder plot. Despite being taken off the store last year for unknown reasons, the game still stands as one of the only video games that feature an entire story dedicated to Guy Fawkes and his terrorist cronies.

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